My Experience At Bangalore’s First Sephora!

Hi there!

So Sephora finally decided to open up in Bangalore! Boy, was I excited! Well if you know me, you’d know that I just had to attend the grand opening at Forum Mall!

The event was scheduled at 12 o’clock on the 5th of March! Since, I don’t like waiting in long queues, I went to the mall later on and made my way!

The incitement begin as soon as I entered the mall! Situated right at the entrance, it sure is to grab every girls attention alright!

 I’ll try to mention all the brands present in the store, that is if I remember most of them!

The first brand that you see as soon as you enter the store is the most raved about budget friend – NYX Cosmetics!

Unfortunately, this was not so budget friendly as it is outside India! The price of each product could was a tad bit too much! Also, they didn’t have anything more than their lipsticks, blush, liquid shadows & eyeshadow palettes!

The next brand that I saw was Makeup Forever, I was only mesmerized by their foundation, which I had to get! The had a pretty good variety unlike NYX!

I am so glad that the following brands have finally been launched in India & I cannot wait to buy more products from there!

  • DIOR

The last three have already been in India, but it’s nice that their all under one roof now!

The staff was so helpful & despite the store being so crowded they had a nice warm smile on their face & were so patient with me!

The only other thing that bothered me was that the testers ( lipsticks) were being swatched directly on the lips, I found that a bit unhygienic!

Finally, I’m well aware of Sephora being a high end brand. But, being well versed with the prices of drugstore brands such as – NYX Cosmetics, Soap & Glory, Burt’s Bees.. 

They are completely drugstore out of India, but come off as high end here, therefore unable to reach out to young students who aren’t willing to spend 2G on a body wash or 1.8G on a lipstick!

All in all I’m super stoked that I have alot of other high end brands to choose from apart from the few ones in India! You’ll def see me here quite often! So, yay to Sephora in Bangalore, took you long enough!

Hope my experience helped you guys!

 Till then,

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



5 thoughts on “My Experience At Bangalore’s First Sephora!

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, Do they have products from The Balm or Laura Mercier? How are the prices in Sephora? Are they same as shown in the online site in dollars?


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