Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette! 🎨 

Hey there, I’ve got another review up my alley for you!

After being disappointed with my “Kylie Cosmetics -The Royal Peach Palette” I just had to purchase something that been the talk of the town for quite sometime to bring back a ray of hope & some happiness into my life.. Alright, that sounded a tad bit over the top. But, hey it’s the truth!

Let’s just jump straight right in into the usual?


  • Highly Pigmented
  • Minimalistic fall out!
  • Lasts upwards of 8+ hours
  • I can skip eyeshadow primer with this!
  • Does not become muddy by the end of the day!
  • Versatile!


  • Price point ( But, from my perspective – I find it worth every penny , it’s quality & longevity are worth it!)

Would I recommend it?

Yes! I would definitely recommend this palette! I love using it! 

Where can you buy it?

I asked a good friend to pick it for me from Dubai!

Unfortunately, you cannot order it online either ! You can buy it from resellers here in India, but make sure they’re ones you can trust!


₹4000/- (Approx : 205 Dhirams )


Here’s a look using the palette!

Watch the video here:

I hope this review helped you guys!

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Ranita S Sheetal 🖤


HI beautiful!
Another day another foundation that’s been launched in India!

But wait, this one’s from our very own brand – PAC Cosmetic!

I’m talking about the PAC HD Studio Foundation!
I’ve found my match with the shade – 3.0 & I’m a MAC NC42, Maybelline Fit Me 240 & Makeup Forever 153!
Let’s just get straight to the review shall we?


1. Affordable! 

2. Great quality! The only reason I would say the quality is top notch is because it hasn’t reacted with my skin, it contains no parabens, sulphates or anything of that sort!

3. No Flashback!

4. It gives your a medium to full coverage (build-able) 

5. Can be sheer, if you mix it with your moisturiser!

6. Beautiful for everyday use!

7. It suits dry or oily skin, but I’d recommend exfoliating if you have dry patches. If you have oily skin you’ll HAVE to use a good mattifying powder where you get shiny

8. Has beautiful range of shades!

9. They have pink as well as yellow undertones!

10. The shades don’t vary a lot, so they all look similar!

11. Has a DEWY finish!

12. For me, this is similar to the Makeup Forever HD!


1. Since it has a dewy finish, for those of you with an oily skin type may not receive the longest wear of you skip setting it or forget to use your primer!

2. I do recommend using a primer depending on your skin type to get the best use out of this!

3. This is my holy grail during the winter, during summer it does slip and slide, and gets blotchy when powder is layered on top unlike my Make up Forever HD Foundation (That’s why I didn’t say they were dupes)

Do I recommend this?

I would recommend when the season is a bit chilly if you’ve got dry skin under your eyes, like myself.

During summer, I would stray away from this!

If you  suffer from serious problematic skin – skip this one!

I you’ve got the regular breakouts like every other human or just need to boost your radiance, you’d love it this! 

Besides what’ve you got to lose? It’s only ₹795/-, 30ml

I hope this review helped you out!


Buy this from:

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Till then,

Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥

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Hi guysss!

Most of us know about the two well known and spoken about sprays from MAC Cosmetics!

Today’s review may  probably create a conflict because most of them may have  difference in opinions!

Nevertheless, I’m going to lay my perspective based on how my skin reacted!


A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.


A fusion of Mineralize Charged Water and pure diamond powder that instantly shifts skin’s energy level to replenish lost moisture. Enlivens, energizes and revitalizes the skin. Readily absorbs into the skin to keep it soft and supple and to create a smooth surface for makeup adhesion.


  • A beautiful spray with mild fragrance that leaves you with a dewy finish!
  • Perfect for dry – normal skin types
  • I’ve been leaning to the oily side off late and this product does not make my makeup last longer & makes me look even greasy by the end of 3 hours!
  • This is a beautiful spray for me during winters 
  • It’s perfect as a moisturiser before makeup ( for oily skin) , for those of you with dry skin – top this on top of your moisturiser to extend the wear time of your makeup
  • It melts extra powder away!
  • Great product to refresh your face throughout the day!


  • This spray contains ‘Diamond Dust’ or so, but honestly, I can’t really tell. It makes no difference!
  • Right off the back when you read the description for this product you’d assume this was made for people with dry skin. But, honestly this works even better on oily skin!
  • This product is not made to set your makeup but, it does a great job of keeping my makeup stay for 5 hours! (Nothing fancy but, it performs better than the fix plus during summers)
  • It’s a great moisturizer before makeup for oily skin only!
  • It does not give you a dewy finish or so, it just melts the excess powder.
  • It has a mild fragrance to it!

Let me put it this way, you may end up liking only one, it usually swings this way – dry skin – Fix Plus & Oily skin – Mineralize Charged Water!

I love using my Fix Plus during winters when my skin needs more hydration & I swing to Mineralize Charged water during summers!


  • MAC Fix Plus :  INR 1650/-
  • MAC Mineralize Charged Water: INR 1950/-

I hope this review helped you guys out!

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Ranita S Sheetal

LOOKBOOK: Bharatanatyam – Indian Classical Dance!

Hi there,

Known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses , Bharatanatyam is one of the most artistic dance I’ve laid my eyes onto till today.  I did a beautiful look for Atmica here today.. I hope you enjoy!

What Bharatanatyam is all about:

Bharatanatyam is considered to be a fire-dance — the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. It is one of the five major styles (one for each element) that include Odissi (element of water), and Mohiniattam (element of air). The movements of an authentic Bharatanatyam dancer resemble the movements of a dancing flame.

Bharatanatyam proper is a solo dance, with two aspects, lasya, the graceful feminine lines and movements, and tandava Ananda Thandavam (Tamil) (the dance of Shiva), masculine aspect, which is identical to the Yin and Yang in the Chinese culture.

I hope you enjoy my take on their intense makeup!

Model & Muse: Atmica Reddy!

Key features in the makeup:

  • The highest coverage base possible, in talking cake on 10 layers of foundation! (It has to be sweat proof, duh)
  • Exaggerated brows, lips, blush & anything you can come up with!
  • Fierce eyes, to help them emote even better, of course!


Hi gorg!

PAC launched about 40 new shades of Comfort Matte Lipsticks and we’re kind enough to send them to me for my review!

First of, a huge thank you to them & secondly, I promise I’m not going to be biased!

Let’s get straight into it?


  • 40 new shades!
  • Longevity – Upwards of 10+ hours!
  • Great pigmentation! Goes opaque in one stroke!
  • Smells of cupcakes!
  • Does not slip/slide
  • Does not feel uncomfortable or heavy on the lips but you can feel like you’ve got lipstick on if you layer it!
  • Affordable!
  • Cruelty free!


  • For my nude lovers, you may not find enough nudes (ahem, lipsticks) as you’d have liked!

Would I recommend them?

Yes! I loved the formulation and so does my my mum and sister!

Highly recommend them for comfort mattes!




Shop them on:

My favourites:

Shade 18 is my current FAVOURITE right now!

I hope this helped you guys!

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Ranita S Sheetal

LOOKBOOK: Golden Hour Feat – Talons D’or

Hi guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know I did  my first Live Get Ready with Me!

I did mention how much I adored my Lehenga! Why? My dearest grandmother bought it for me!

Needless to say, the shoes just had to be perfect for this, and every time I went shopping none of the pumps caught my attention! None whatsoever that was perfect for my outfit!

What Talons D’or is all about!

  • Helps you created pumps, flats or any shoe for that sort!
  • You get the pick the colour, material, heel size & what not!
  • Your price of the shoe depends on your design!
  • Kind of perfect, right?

That’s when I was approached by Talons to design my own shoe! Of course! That did sound perfect! But it only narrowed down to its quality and how well they translated my design into a real life beauty!
Skeptical as I was, it all vanished when I laid my eyes on this beautiful piece I’d received!

It checked off the quality, size & comfort!

I adore these pumps and I’m sure you’d adore the ones you’d create!

Hope you enjoy these shots of me flaunting my shoe and outfit that I’m in love with!_O2A8919_O2A8920_O2A8921_O2A8925_O2A8931_O2A8932_O2A8936_O2A8938_O2A8941_O2A8955_O2A8965

Create your own shows at:

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Hi guys!

This is such a long overdue!
Aishwarya & I collaborated to create a chic & wearable outfit that you could rock out on the streets errday!

Needless to say, she styled me while I did the makeup!

I hope you enjoy!

Outfit details will be up on her blog :

Follow Aishwarya on Instagram: @wearitoutloud

My makeup:

  • Lips : Kylie Cosmetics – Moon
  • Eyes : MAC Teddy liner smudged on the top and lower lashline along with a hint blue eyeshadow smeared at the lower lashline for an edgy look!

Aishwarya’s Makeup:

  • Lips : MAC Ruby Woo
  • Eyes: Lined with Inglot AMC Gel Liner 77
  • Lashes: Kingdom of Lashes Sugar Heaven

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Avec Amour,

Ranita S Sheetal