Review: Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Palette!

Hi gorg!

My friend gifted this beautiful palette to me!

At the first glance, this palette is something that I wouldn’t definitely not pick up!

But, whoa did my opinion change !

What did u think of this palette, read below!

  • Love the pigmentation!
  • I didn’t like the shades in the palette at first but once I started using the palette I honestly love it!
  • I tend to use every single shade in the palette!
  • The colours don’t bleed together but last beautifully unlike the Urban Decay Naked 2!
  • Great value for money!
  • Love the packaging!
  • Blends easily!
  • No crazy fallout!
  • A versatile palette for a neutral as well as a good smokey eye!

Would I recommend this?

I do remember this palette being limited edition, so if it’s available and you were thinking about it , I highly recommend it because it would not disappoint!


This palette costs approx ₹3000/- , I got mine from Sephora Dubai!

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Lookbook: 💦

Hi guys! I found a couple of new products at Kryolan and I fell in love it! I decided to use it and create the most simplest look using just one product !

Don’t be fooled but how complex & multi dimensional the eyes look, it’s honestly just one product , I swear!

The magical product that I’m talking about is the Kryolan Metallic Cream Shadow in Volcanic Copper!

I’ve used this beautiful cream product on the mobile lid!

On my lips, I’ve used the cream shadow in my lips and pressed the Polyester Glitter on my lip!

To deepen my lower lash line I mixed the same on my inner corner and lower lash line!

Add a good pair of thick & chunky lashes! I’ve used – Glowmiere Beauty’s Bombshell

Bronze up the whole face and you’re good to go!

Shop the lashes:

Shop Kryolan products:

Kryolan City Bangalore, 2, 1/1A Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, KFC Signal, HAL 1st Stage Stage 2, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

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Hi guys!

I received the whole range of the NYX Control Drop Foundation two months back and now I’m finally ready to review it for you guys!

What this foundation claims to do:

From sheer to full, your ideal coverage is just drops away with our new Total Control Drop Foundation! Fine-tune this velvety, matte foundation with the included dropper. Simply adjust the number of drops until you create the look you’re feelin’ today. Want more coverage? Add more drops! Buff expertly using the TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION BRUSH for a seriously smooth finish.

What do I think about this?

  • Love the consistency and feel of this foundation! So lightweight and feels like skin!
  • Build-able coverage!
  • Works best with a dense foundation brush, I love it with the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush – it isn’t streaky or patchy! It’s beautiful, just swipe first and then stipple to blend!
  • This foundation suggests a velvet matte finish, therefore making it suitable for both dry as well as oily skin!
  • This is a silicone based foundation!
  • It’s quite expensive for the price you’re paying, seeing you get only 13ml of product! But, with that being said, it’s lasted pretty well for myself!
  • It’s buildable – 2-3 Drops for medium and 4-5 for a full coverage!
  • I love well it lasts on my skin, provides no flashback!
  • I’d recommend exfoliating your skin before using this product for a beautiful skin like finish!
  • It lasts 5-6 hours without a primer for me and then I tend to get shiny near the T-zone! It’s definitely not my holy grail because it does not last that well on my combination skin, but I do love the finish!
  • I’ve found a primer that works well with this foundation (mentioned below) it extends the wear time of this foundation!
  • This foundation does transfer onto your sunglasses! And it becomes blotchy near your nose!
  • I love the shade range!
  • It’s definitely the best foundation from NYX’s line!
  • Although the packaging seems difficult and messy it most definitely isn’t! It hasn’t spilled on me when I’ve used the dropper unlike the Cover FX one, and I don’t have a problem with it!
  • Don’t forget to shake well before using!
  • Great shade range!

How I use this product :

  • When I wanted a dewy finish and a glow I used it with a hydrating moisturiser and primer, and it’s beautiful for dry skin!
  • When I need a super matte finish, I use this product with a moisturiser best for oily skin and an oil control primer (PAC Zero Pore Separation Cream) Man this gets a bit to dry for me sometimes! This is perfect way to use this product for oily skin!

Would I recommend this product?

I definitely love the finish , consistency and blend ability of this baby!

I’d recommend this product, it hasn’t disappointed me! It’s something worth checking out and it isn’t a waste of your money!


I’m an NC 40 /42 at MAC (Studio Fix and Sculpt) I use the shade Classic Tan from the NYX Total Control Drops! It’s the closest I could get, it’s just not gold enough for me.

For a perfect match I mix 10(buff) 12classic Tan & 14 (golden honey) to get the right balance of a gold undertone!

Available on:



₹1250/-, 13ml


I hope this review help you guys out!

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Hi beautiful !

Nykaa was kind enough to send me their newest launch! They’ve added about 8 new shades into their Paintstix Collection, I thought I’d review them for you guys!

Product description:

  • Extreme colour intensity
  • Soft Matte Finish
  • One stroke application
  • Long wearing
  • Consists Vitamin E
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Bold range of shades!
  • 20 shades from this range!

What do I think of this?

  • I would say this is a Satin Finish! Exact finish as the MAC Satin Finish lipsticks!
  • Opaque Finish
  • Has a sweet smell to it that isn’t too strong and doesn’t last throughout the day!
  • Lasts 6 hours strong! Once you eat, the centre goes off which is normal with every moisturising lipstick!
  • Moisturising , you don’t need a lip balm for prepping!
  • The application can for either way, it depends on your preference of the shape of the bullet! I personally like mine to be pointed but this comes in a circular shape that makes it hard near my Cupid’s bow!
  • Love the shade range!
  • Stains your lips (the deep shades)
  • Affordable!
  • Great quality!
  • Loving the packaging, unfortunately the shades in the bullet don’t match the cap colour exactly!

Do I approve of this?

Most definitely! I love how comfortable this lipstick is and I’ve been gravitating towards this!

If I feel a matte lip, I just blot it out with a tissue!

You should definitely give this one a go!


PRICE: ₹425/- (₹361/- on Nykaa right now!)

(Top – Bottom :

13 Goal Digger

14 Boss Babe

15 Smell the Rosé

16 Cheerleader Daze

17 High School Sweetheart

18 Sweet Honeymoon

19 Feelin’ Pretty

20 Pretty Popular)

Shop here:

I hope this helped you out!

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Hi there!

I’ve heard so many good things about this genie in a bottle, I just had to pick this baby up!

If there’s one thing Maybelline is the boss of it’s mascara’s!


Lash Sensational® Washable Mascara. This fresh liquid formula captures lashes from root to tip for a full-fan effect.Exclusive fanning brush with ten layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes for a sensational full-fan effect. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

My thoughts:

  • It claims to give you a fan effect, did it? Yes!
  • Did not flake under my eyes throughout the day!
  • Separates my lashes beautifully!
  • It’s a wet formula, therefore if you don’t let each coat dry before you move to the next you’re definitely going to experience clumpy or stick together Lashes that defeat the purpose of the mascara.
  • It’s good for people who wear contact lenses!
  • Available in waterproof/non- waterproof formula!
  • Plastic wand!
  • I love the shape of the wand, it’s curved right in the middle to hug your lashes as it curls and fans it out!
  • It lengthens your lashes simultaneously!
  • The wand is easy to work with!
  • You get too much product on the wand at times so make sure you rub of the excess or else you’d end up like me in my swatch picture!
  • Make sure you rub off the excess product off the wand or else the formula gets a bit too heavy!
  • If you’re one who has tiny/less lashes – I don’t think a wet formulation like this Mascara would be your favourite!
  • Despite using the non waterproof formula, it’s a tad bit of extra work to get it off my lashes!

Would I recommend this product?

It’s definitely one to look into! You will not be disappointed!

But, if you’re someone lacking in the lash department – stick to a mascara which has a drier formula rather than this!


₹525/-, Available on for ₹325/-

👉🏽 Health and glow!

👉🏽 Lifestyle!

I hope this review helped you out!

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Review: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops!

Hi there!

I picked up the Cover FX Drops about 7 months ago and figured I’ve used it enough to finally give you guys my thoughts!

For those of you who don’t know the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are Pure Pigment Drops.

👉🏽 It contains 98% pigment

👉🏽 They’re meant to be mixed in with your current foundation to enhance the coverage!

👉🏽 You get 15 ml in a bottle for ₹4200/- (which is PRICEY)

👉🏽 I use it on its own or mix it in! Either way it’s beautiful! Feels like butter on your skin and a little bit goes a long way!

👉🏽 It gives you a flawless skin like appearance without being too heavy on the skin with medium to the fullest coverage!

👉🏽 I’m using the shade G50 (it’s a tad but light I’d probably settle for G60 the next time) – Reference: MAC NC42, MUFE 153

👉🏽 I love this product but it definitely leaves some streak marks so make sure you use a dense flat top brush and stipple on or use a beauty blender at the end to create a flawless canvas!

👉🏽 I’m not too sure if this product gives you flash back because I did experience flashback. Now That maybe be because the foundation doesn’t match me exactly or so..

👉🏽 This product does not hold up for more than 6 hours on an oily T-zone, you can definitely see shine peek through!

👉🏽 If you’re someone with dry skin you’d love this!

👉🏽 Does not oxidise!

👉🏽 Silicon based product!

👉🏽 The packaging is messy! The product tends to gunk up on the lid and the opening!

Would I say you absolutely need this product in your life?

It’s a beautiful foundation I must say! But, if you’re on a budget you can skip for sure!

I love the feel and texture of this but for the quantity you get (and the way I use it as foundation directly) you can skip this!

If you’re in the mood to indulge in the baby you’re not going to be disappointed but you’d rather by a full coverage foundation where you end up with 30ml of product for the price you pay!


₹4800/-, 15ml

Shop at:

👉🏽 Sephora!

Hope this review helped you out!

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Review: Palmers Beauty Oil!

Hi lovely!

Palmers is one of the most renowned brand worldwide when it comes to skincare! When they decided to launch in India, I was stoked to finally get my hands on a couple of skincare products to try them out for myself!

I got myself the Skin Therapy Beauty Oil & Cocoa Butter!

Let me tell you right now if you’re a sucker for a good strong cocoa scent, you’ll LOVE this!

Did this product make it to my night time routine? Let’s find out!

What The Palmers Skin Therapy Oil claims to do:

“Skin Perfector, Beauty Oil, Multi Tasker, Non Greasy, Won’t Clog Pores!

  • Contains 10 pure oils and cocoa butter – helps moisturise and smooth fine lines!
  • Retinol & Vitamin C – Help improve and brighten skin tone and texture!
  • Cetesomate- E Complex – Helps deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin”

So you’re supposed to see visible results within 8 weeks!

I was invited to the Launch of this beauty oil here in Bangalore, say about 2 months back!

As soon as I heard about all the good stuff mentioned in the product, I had to give this one a go!

I’m a huge believer in beauty oils/facial serums!


  • Lightweight, all you need is just 3 drops and you’re good to go!
  • For the two months I’ve been using it, it definitely has improved the texture of my skin! Since I’m only 23, I don’t struggle with fine lines. So I can’t vouch for helping with fine lines!
  • Despite having retinol (tends to dry out your skin) in it, it has moisturised my under eyes beautifully and kept it smooth! I definitely and they recommend using a sunscreen with it, if you’re wearing this during the day!
  • Beautiful base for makeup! It doesn’t extend the longevity or act like a primer, it just provides a great base along with skincare!
  • This product does not target in healing acne or putting a stop to it. But, it does NOT cause acne or any reverse reaction. I have sensitive skin and my skin didn’t react in a bad way for the past two months!
  • Along with healthier looking skin, you definitely get even skin tone!
  • So affordable!
  • Get absorbed into the skin pretty quick!
  • This oil is great for any skin type – Dehydrated, oily and dry! The quantity use must use for each skin type would vary!
  • Cruelty free! No Mineral oil & Parabens!


  • It claims to brighten skin, I didn’t notice anything spectacular about that. But, it does give your skin a healthier appearance and evens out your skin.I’m all about that!
  • If you use more than 3 drops it can get heavy and you can definitely feel it on your skin!

My thoughts:

I’ve been using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil for a years and have put that aside to test this Oil for the past two months..

The Oil did not replace my love for my Kiehls one but it definitely did not disappoint my expectations!

I have purchased my second bottle! For the price you pay and it’s quality, you cannot beat it!

I definitely recommend this product!

I’ve been using their skin therapy oil on my body & boy, that hasn’t disappointed me either!


₹525, 30ml

Available on:

  • Health and Glow!
  • Chico!

I hope this review helped you out!

Let me know your thoughts on the comments!

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REVIEW: L’ORÉAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara!

Hey there!

I picked up the L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara a year or so ago & I thought I’d review this baby for you guys today!

What they claim:

Stretch and extend your lashes like wings! Introducing Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, one of L’Oréal Paris most-exciting mascara innovations, yet. It’s revolutionary Butterfly Brush with asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.


  • Stretches Lashes to Corner
  • Wing Tip Brush Lengthens, Stretches and Volumizes Every Lash
  • Up to 6X the Volume
  • Every Lash Extended for a Dramatic Lash Fringe

What do I think about this baby? Let’s find out!

I bought this mascara only because of its unique wand shape!

What do I expect in a mascara? Simple, Dramatic lashes, I need length & volume and my lashes just have to be separated & pitch black!


  • Separates your lashes beautifully! 
  • Does not clump them!
  • Gives you an even coat with every layer!
  • Build-able!
  • Fans out your lashes to give your eyes a lift at the edge!
  • Waterproof but it isn’t a struggle to remove!
  • Does not flake!
  • Can be worn easily for 8+ hours!


  • If you’re big on spidery lashes you may not enjoy this!
  • The wand is that of plastic, I didn’t enjoy it at first but once you get the hang of it, it gets pretty easy!
  • They do not give you dramatic lashes, what they do give you is naturally winged out, clean & separated lashes! Perfect for everyday wear!
  • The colour isn’t the blackest black you’d find in the market!

This mascara is one I definitely enjoy wearing & if you were quite skeptical about it. I hope this review helped you!


₹895/-, 7ml

Shop here:


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Review: Maybelline Loaded Bold – Black 02!

Hi guys!

So Maybelline launched their Loaded Bolds in India and boy was I stoked! I think this would be the first brand that launched black, white, blue & some cray shades in India at an affordable price!

I bought the darkest shade from the range, because that’s what called out my name & that’s how I like to test out formulas too!

If you nail it with a dark shade I’m pretty sure you’ve done good with the nudes!

What they claim:


Color Sensational® Loaded Bolds Lipstick. Maybelline’s creamy lip color is available in a collection of full-spectrum shades from jet black to bright white. 


Hypercolor pigments and an opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity. Sumptuous honey nectar leaves a creamy finish. Maybelline’s Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds is available in a range of pigment-loaded shades from deep plums and electric blues to vibrant reds and natural nudes. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested.

Black 02: Black with strong hues of blue and purple which is very evident if you don’t layer!


  • Affordable 
  • Unique shade range!
  • Creamy finish, blot it out lightly for a matte finish 
  • No strong fragrance to it! (I don’t mind either!)
  • Cruelty free!


  • The black turned out to be streaky, it didn’t apply evenly!
  • It definitely needed to be layered to get an opaque finish.
  • When you try to layer the lipstick, you definitely need to blot each layer before going in for the next layer; or else you end up moving the lipstick and can’t build up!
  • I used black eyeshadow to set the lipstick because when you press your lips it moves around. I’d prefer a good Matte finish.

Would I recommend this?

I know it’s tough to create a good opaque black lipstick at an affordable price but this was a miss for me!

The formula is the standard Maybelline one, it’s very comfortable on your lip, so I would definitely recommend the range of yud prefer any other shade!

I wouldn’t recommend the black if you’re looking for a strong opaque lipstick. You’d rather use your Kajal for that!

But, if you’ve been looking for a black lipstick and don’t care about the intensity & solely want to own one for the sake of it, I know there’s no stopping you – cause despite the not so great swatch at the store, I still bought it!


₹550/-, 3.9gm

Available at:

  • Health & Glow
  • Lifestyle

Here’s a swatch without any edit:

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