Hey there!

My name’s Ranita S Sheetal & I hail from India! I’m just your regular girl along with being a cray-cray make-up hoarder! I fancy trying out various sorts of looks which I perceive & create from my imagination. What was once a hobby is now turning into a passion!

What is my goal with my blog?

From where I come, or what I’ve seen, not many girls/women love the idea of using make-up; it is usually termed as a ‘mask’ when one sports; often, people look down upon women who wear makeup! I would like to change this notion.

According to my perception, each and everyone of us is beautiful in our own ways, be it your looks or your soul. But, why not amp up the look on a few days? With a little bit of makeup and a few tricks up your sleeves you could enhance your already existing beauty and you’d be surprised with the many looks & colors you’d be able to pull off!

Cause, I mean common, life’s too short to just be another face in the crowd, it’s time to try something new, everyday!


Avec Amour, Ranita ♥


You can find me on!

INSTAGRAM : @ranitasheetal

FACEBOOK: @ranitasheetals

EMAIL: infinitytimesinfinityblog@gmail.com







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