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I was at Sephora looking for a good lip oil, I’m sort of over a strong liquid lip or not, we will never know.. I’m just kidding, it honestly depends on my mood swings.

I saw three lip oils that day and they were from Clinique, Dior & Clarins!

What drew me towards picking out the clarins was the claims that it made & the shades! 

Besides Clarins is known for quality skincare..So, I had to try it out!

Did it make the cut? We’ll find out!

Product Description:

1 luscious formula, 3 ways to use.

These seven delectable shades infused with 100% pure plant oils nourish, soothe and plump lips — leaving a protective veil of color. Apply before lipstick for a smooth application, wear alone for soft hydrated lips, or top off any lip color for added shine.

  • Four new shades for a pretty pout — choose from Honey Glam, for a pop of shimmer, Mint, for a cool, natural look, or Candy and Tangerine which react to the PH of your lips creating a very personalized shade of pink or coral.
  • Color-shines lips in 7 tantalizing shades
  • Refreshes the senses with aromatic plant essences
  • Lip-hugging applicator


  • COMFORT LEVEL – 100!!!
  • Hydrating/ a literal moisturiser for your lips!
  • Plumps your lips!
  • Lasts all night long – you know what I mean, doesn’t rub off while I sleep & I wake up with supple lips!
  • Fixes my chapped lips!
  • Great under or over lipstick! It just makes your lips ready to take on any sort of lipstick finish!
  • This makes my lips just look healthy and better! 
  • I have 03 Red Cherry and it does not contain any shimmer particles of any sort!
  • It has a huge dofer applicator! Perfect for my lips! I have to strain out product before using it! So, less is more! (If you have thin lips, the applicator maybe too big)
  • A great primer before Lipstick, just exfoliate before to get the best use out of it!


  • It honestly gives the slightest tint to your lip, so if you’ve got Pigmented lips like myself you can’t cover the pigmentation.
  • It doesn’t fix pigmentation of lips but make no claims as such either!
  • Could this be replaced with a clear Gloss? Probably yeah!
  • You can’t double it up as a cheek tint (don’t think you should be able to with a lip oil )

Would I recommend this?

If you’re on a budget? No. I mean it doesn’t function spectacular or anything of that sort! But do I have a drugstore alternative for this? It would be the Maybelline High Shine Gloss but they’ve been discontinued. So, I would recommend the PAC Cosmetic Gloss for a similar effect. But, use your fingers to get the same finish and less opacity.

But, I love this stuff! It’s so comfortable on my lips! I love how it’s makes my lips look healthy! I’m in love with this!

I thoroughly enjoy slathering this baby on my lips and I love the smell, the way my lips look after and all that jazz! 

Would I repurchase this stuff? I would probably try other lip oils and then fill this up later on! So as of now, no.


₹2200/-, 0.1 Oz


Available at:

  • At a Sephora store near you!

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know!

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