Lookbook: Gloss Lids Feat: Six Inches of Pleasure!

Hi Stunner!

Glossy lids are undoubtedly the hardest to pull off.

Why? Simply because they’ve got a mind of their own and crease like that πŸ‘πŸΌ

But, I definitely love how they look and since this was for a shoot. We decided to experiment with a wet lid!

I created a deconstructed smokey eye pair d with a glossy lid!

Farah has a blog post all about the fashion hoo-haas , which I’m clearly a noob about!

So head down there once your down reading up this post!

Would I recommend glossy lids?

Ah hell naw, they’re perfect for shoots cause you can touch up on them after every shot!

But for reals, you don’t have that kind of time when you’re out and about!

Despite that, if your really into glossy lids like myself (I have my days)

I would highly recommend using a clear balm for that Gloss like effect as opposed to that usual clear Gloss!

It lasts a lot better, I’d say!


  • Foundation: PAC HD LIQUID FOUNDATION 4.5
  • Concealer: PAC Take Cover Concealer
  • Brows: Soap Brows!😻
  • Eyes: Palette: Urban Decay Naked 2!
  • Gloss: PAC Two Way Transparent Gel (Do not recommend)
  • Lips: ColorBar Deep Matte Lip Cream in Deep Earth!
  • Highlight: PAC Baked Highlighter in 03
  • Contour: PAC Contour Refill in 22

My beautiful Muse – Farah Maggi (www.sixinchesofpleasure.blogspot.com)

Shots by,

VJ Wesley (www.vinceshe.in)

(Follow Wes on Instagram : @vjwesley)

Avec Amour,

Ranita S Sheetal

(Instagram: @infinitytimesinfinityblog)


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