Review: Urban Decay Naked 2!

Hey there,

I know I’m late by a bazillion centuries but I got the Naked Palette as a gift and I decided to review it anyway!

The naked palettes by Urban Decay have been all the rage ever since they launched them!

I remember tons of YouTubers just going about with these bad boys!

What do I think of them? You will soon find out!


You demanded “MORE NAKED!”—and Naked2 delivers. From luminous shades with shimmer and sparkle to the smoothest mattes imaginable, Naked2 is packed with 12 never-boring taupe-hued neutrals (including a gorgeous grayish brown, a glittery copper and our lewdest, blackest black). Expand your Naked range to create even more sultry neutral looks, smoky dramatic looks and everything in between.

The case has an art-school inspired look with a hinged lid—taupe metal with embossed chocolate brown artwork. It’s smooth, modern and cool to the touch—a real tactile experience.

Naked2 includes a professional-quality, cruelty-free double-ended shadow/blending brush.

Shade Descriptions:
Foxy (cream bisque matte), Half Baked (golden bronze shimmer), Bootycall (cork shimmer), Chopper (copper shimmer w/silver micro-glitter), Tease (creamy pale brown matte), Snakebite (dark bronze shimmer), Suspect (pale golden beige shimmer), Pistol (light grayish brown shimmer), Verve (oyster shimmer), YDK (cool bronze shimmer), Busted (deep brown shimmer) and Blackout (blackest black matte).

Fill Weight: Eyeshadow: 12 x 1.3g e 12 x 0.05 US oz;

I personally don’t prefer cool taupe shades over my skin tone. I lean more on the warm side when it comes to eye shadows.

Nevertheless, I’ll let you know my thoughts about the quality & performance!


  • Pigmented with minimal fallout!
  • I love a few of the shades but the black shade has my heart! Super pigmented!

Depending on the temperature/weather the palettes performance varies, so..

  • If you live in a humid area, you HAVE to use a primer to make sure the eyeshadows don’t get muddy or disappear by the end of two hours! THAT’S RIGHT! TWO!
  • If you live in a pretty cool region, where the weather is quite pleasant and you don’t sweat profusely this palette works great on it’s own!
  • The shadows blend well


  • For the price you pay, I don’t like the formulation. There are tons of better ones at the market at present!
  • One summer morning the colors disappeared on my lids within 2 hours and look muddy. But, when the weather was quite cool and I was in well conditioned room, my shadows lasted pretty well!
  • I personally don’t like the shade range. I would never buy this palette! I don’t like cool toned eyeshadows and that’s  personal preference
  • Not as Pigmented as my ABH Modern Renaissance!

Would I recommend this?

Honestly, no! I don’t like most of the shades! It may be because I look for warm tone shades. But, the quality and pigmentation does not blow me away to recommend this!

I would highly recommend the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1,2 & 3 which are exact dupes of the Naked palettes & they perform 10 times better!

I will do a comparison video soon! 🖤


Swatch video:

I got my palette from Thailand, and it cost me ₹4300/- ( 2150 Baht) approx

Shop this palette:

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Ranita S Sheetal

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