Hi gorg!

PAC launched about 40 new shades of Comfort Matte Lipsticks and we’re kind enough to send them to me for my review!

First of, a huge thank you to them & secondly, I promise I’m not going to be biased!

Let’s get straight into it?


  • 40 new shades!
  • Longevity – Upwards of 10+ hours!
  • Great pigmentation! Goes opaque in one stroke!
  • Smells of cupcakes!
  • Does not slip/slide
  • Does not feel uncomfortable or heavy on the lips but you can feel like you’ve got lipstick on if you layer it!
  • Affordable!
  • Cruelty free!


  • For my nude lovers, you may not find enough nudes (ahem, lipsticks) as you’d have liked!

Would I recommend them?

Yes! I loved the formulation and so does my my mum and sister!

Highly recommend them for comfort mattes!




Shop them on:

My favourites:

Shade 18 is my current FAVOURITE right now!

I hope this helped you guys!

Shots by,

Eric Samuel (

Avec amour,

Ranita S Sheetal


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