LOOKBOOK: Golden Hour Feat – Talons D’or

Hi guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know I did  my first Live Get Ready with Me!

I did mention how much I adored my Lehenga! Why? My dearest grandmother bought it for me!

Needless to say, the shoes just had to be perfect for this, and every time I went shopping none of the pumps caught my attention! None whatsoever that was perfect for my outfit!

What Talons D’or is all about!

  • Helps you created pumps, flats or any shoe for that sort!
  • You get the pick the colour, material, heel size & what not!
  • Your price of the shoe depends on your design!
  • Kind of perfect, right?

That’s when I was approached by Talons to design my own shoe! Of course! That did sound perfect! But it only narrowed down to its quality and how well they translated my design into a real life beauty!
Skeptical as I was, it all vanished when I laid my eyes on this beautiful piece I’d received!

It checked off the quality, size & comfort!

I adore these pumps and I’m sure you’d adore the ones you’d create!

Hope you enjoy these shots of me flaunting my shoe and outfit that I’m in love with!_O2A8919_O2A8920_O2A8921_O2A8925_O2A8931_O2A8932_O2A8936_O2A8938_O2A8941_O2A8955_O2A8965

Create your own shows at: http://www.talonsdor.com

Shots by,

Eric Samuel (www.elienai.com)

Avec Amour,

Ranita S Sheetal


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