​​Hey there!

I’ve got another review up my sleeve for you today!

Maybelline launched their Creamy Matte Range about a week or two ago! I bought a couple of shades to test & review them out!

They have one of the best formulations out there when it comes to lipsticks & I’ve always enjoyed their lip products!

They’ve about 11 shades, that have released in India!

Let’s go on with the review?


  • Lightweight 
  • Lasts 5-6 hours!
  • A few shades are beautifully Pigmented!
  • Smells of the same old Maybelline lipstick – which, I love !
  • Gorgeous shades!
  • Comfortable Matte finish makes it a pleasure to wear!
  • NOT drying!


  • A few of the bold shades, such as Faint for Fuchsia & All Fired Up, were difficult to work with, I had to alter them a couple of times and they did look streaky!

The problem is that these shades are white based & it’s very hard to get the formulation right, be it any brand.

I don’t despise it, I can work with it!

Would I recommend this?

If you’re into Creamy Mattes & despise liquid lipsticks you’ll enjoy using this!

They are of great quality & you won’t regret it!

The shades that I use the most are Nude Nuance & Burgundy Blush!

They are my absolute favourite!

Are these lipsticks my holy grail? No, but they aren’t disappointing!

If you were planning on purchasing them, I’d say go for it!

I hope this review helped you !


₹575/-, 4.2gms

Available on:

(Shades: (Top – Bottom) Nude Nuance, Faint for Fuschia, All Fired Up & Burgundy Blush)

Shots by: Eric Samuel

Till then,
Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥

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