Hi beautiful people!

I’m here to give you my thoughts about the PAC Retro Matte Gloss Liquid Lipsticks!

I know I know, Matte – Gloss? Kind of an oxymoron? I was told by the creator of PAC Cosmetics that they were compelled to go with this name because they didn’t get an approval to name their range the Retro Matte, cause um hello, MAC Cosmetics has their own range? Ring a bell much?

Well apart from that let’s get straight into what I think about them!


  • Love the nude lipshades, they last a really long time!
  • The colours are opaque!
  • Love the applicator, easy to use!
  • 20 lovely shades to choose from!
  • It does not have a fragrance!
  • Lasts a really good time if you know how to wear a liquid lipstick!
  • Affordable!


I know it’s unfair to compare these with high end brands like my holy grail – The Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes. But I am cause that’s what I expect in my liquid lipsticks!

  • Opaque shades start crumbling from the centre of you don’t use a balm! They recommend using this with their lip primer ( works way better)
  • Can get drying if you don’t moisturise!
  • The only problem I have is the longevity of the dark shades!

The most talked about Liquid Lipstick from an Indian brand would be the Chambor eXtreme Wear, they were for me at least.

This Liquid Lipstick definitely beats that ones hands down!

Would I recommend this?

I would highly recommend them if you’re on a budget! I’ve enjoyed these babies , their shade range & affordability!

Looking forward to their next collection which has an improved formula!

So do they replace my Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes?

For now, no. But, I hope their next range definitely does!


₹550/-, 6.5ml!


Watch my video here!

Shots by: Eric Samuel

Till then,

Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥

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