Hello there,

I love a good liquid lipstick as you may have noticed with the copious amounts of pictures on my blog as well as social media (which you should follow to stay in touch, heehee : INSTAGRAM)

I found this product on Amazon whilst doing some makeup hunting, the only aspect of this product that caught my eye was its price point!

So, I ended up buying one shade : Maroon Date

The first thing I noticed about this product was this reminded me of the SLEEK Liquid Lipsticks!

I’ve tried both the lipsticks & let me say I DESPISE the sleek one! Let me tell you how I feel about this product!


  • The pigmentation isn’t disappointing, for the price that you pay but not as horrible as a few drugstore liquid lipsticks I’ve tried!
  • Lasts for 4-5 hours with good care (from the dark shade I’ve tried)
  • Fragrance free
  • Applicator makes it easy to apply, not very disappointing


  • Streaky, and applies uneven you’ll have to layer.
  • If you don’t blend the lines around you mouth you will end up with uneven pigmentation that may look like you have a darker liner around the lip and lighter inside
  • If you do not moisturize or exfoliate, STAY AWAY FROM THIS!
  • You lip will feel extremely dry, flakey & annoyed
  • The lipstick crumbles in a while
  • After a meal, don’t even bother looking at how horrid you’d look because a huge chunk of it would’ve disappeared from the center of you lip!

Do I recommend this?

NO! I do not! Although I’ve seen a few girls love this product, I would highly recommend you stay away from this cause I’ve thrown mine away! You’d rather invest in a better product if you can, or else I’d recommend the Miss Claire Soft Mattes!


INR 300-400, 6 ml;


I hope this review helped you guys out!

Shots by : Eric Samuel

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Love love love & more love

Avec Amour,

Ranita 💖

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