LOOK BOOK: The Dark Side!

Hey guys!

I did recreate Elsa and Anna from Frozen & since it was Halloween last month I decided to add a little twist to it! 

Here’s, the dark side, I hope you enjoy it!_o2a3353_o2a3355_o2a3357_o2a3370_o2a3373_o2a3375_o2a3384_o2a3386_o2a3387_o2a3389_o2a3391_o2a3394_o2a3402_o2a3404_o2a3406_o2a3411_o2a3412-1_o2a3412_o2a3413_o2a3419_o2a3421_o2a3442_o2a3443-1_o2a3443_o2a3446_o2a3449_o2a3453_o2a3464_o2a3465-1_o2a3465_o2a3469_o2a3485_o2a3489-1


Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear!

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