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I usually type out my posts with the help of my phone, since it got stolen, I’m using my trusty old laptop here & it feels oh so different! No auto correct to wipe away my errors.. Nah, I’m just messing with ya – my grammar isn’t that bad. I think I’d be okay on my own!
Kingdom of Lashes launched probably a month ago and I’d say I think I was the first customer to make a purchase. Well, I tried to be the first one at least, I’d been following their Instagram account even before their launch and I was SO eager to get my hands on a pair at the latest!

The day they uploaded a picture saying “NOW LIVE” on their social media – BOY was I glad!

The pair that caught my eye was the style – Twinkle!

Why? Well simply because it look quite dramatic yet light. Perfect for just adding slight definition!

About KOL & what they claim:

“Based in India. Kingdom of Lashes offers 100 % Human Hair & Mink Hair Lashes designed to help you, to achieve the look you desire. Our products are 100% animal cruelty free & made with LOVE.


That’s why our lashes were crafted to be reuseable & lasts much longer than traditional synthetic lashes. So you can enjoy your lashes day-in and day-out. Handmade Lashes from the highest quality product, they are long lasting, lightweight, comfortable & offer a very natural look to your eyes. Makeup is incomplete without lashes, we want all women to look beautiful everyday.

We continue to provide the best customer service with our premium quality lashes.”


Let me break down my thoughts on my accustomed manner.


  • Light weight!
  • A thin lash band!
  • Transparent lash band!
  • Reusable!
  • Lashes are either mink or Human hair!
  • Cruelty free!
  • Mink lashes!

What are mink lashes? 

The main difference between synthetic and mink lashes is in the quality. Because mink is 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible, gives a feather like look, can be curled like real human hair, and can be worn up to 25 times.


I’ve tried these lashes on so many bloggers during my shoots & they seem to just love it!

Also, if you don’t prefer dramatic lashes I’d skip Vintage & Princess, they are quite heavy on the lids and you feel them during your wear period!

However, if I had to pin point at something , it’d probably be that I NEED MORE STYLES!

I’ll wait patiently here till they come out with some more of them, while you go shop them on

Shop KOL here!

What I will also do for you guys is that I would attach a few images of ththe three styles I purchased!

  • Sugar Heaven
  • Vintage
  • Twinkle


Twinkle: ₹350/- a pair

Pack of 3: ₹950/-

Sugar heaven: ₹450/- a pair

Pack of 3: ₹1200/-

Vintage: ₹550/-

Shop from:

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!

Stay tuned for more!

Shots by: Eric Samuel

Till then,

Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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