Hi gorgeous! 
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee to kickstart your day? ☕️

I love coffee but, I personally don’t drink coffee on regular basis because my skin can’t take the after effects, I break out beyond belief!

So this body wash that I tried out gives me my daily dose of caffeine for the day! No kidding!

I’m talking about the Mcaffeine Liquid Funk Shower Gel!

I don’t use this product on everyday basis simply because I would end up finishing the product ASAP and so, I save it for big-league days!

But whenever I do use this stuff there are two ways I use it: 

• Every Monday when I cannot kickstart my week! 🙄

• My “de-stress” shower time at night when I’ve a lot of work to do but no energy! 😭

What it claims:

•Hydrates the skin

•Removes dead skin and gives a healthy glow

•Caffeine soothes the skin and firms it reduces puffiness, and tones the skin

Did it do the above for me
? Yes, it did! Except for tightening my skin because I’m too young for that! (I didn’t notice any difference is what I mean)

Why I’m using this? 

Caffeine has a powerful stimulating effect, it revitalises your body!

Coffee helps fight cellulite and makes your skin firm!

Great source of antioxidants for your body!💁🏽 It’s like a cup of coffee for my body! ☕️ 

PST: it’s paraben , cruelty free & vegan 👌🏼 Just throwing it out there for you 🙃

Mcaffeine Liquid Funk Shower Gel: 150 ml, ₹359/-


I hope this post helped you out!

Shots by: Eric Samuel

Till then,
Love love love & more love 
Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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