Hello there beautiful!

My favourite season has finally arrived and I cannot wait to try out the latest trends that come along with it!

Clueless about what these trends are for the year 2016? Don’t worry, that’s why you’ve got me!


  • Copper Eye Shadow’s!

This shade is the most versatile color ever! I think any yes shade could sport this off! This would look oh so flattering on – blue, green eyes the most! But then again as I mentioned almost any eye color could pull this off!


Just a shade of copper and your blending shade would make the cut! A simple look yet looks elegant & sophisticated!

  • Glitter on your eyelids is making it’s way through this season too!

Add glitter to the inner corners center of the lids or lower lash line & you’d look perfect!

  •  Graphic Eyeliner!

There’s no right or wrong way!

Frame your eyes in the way you feel right & rock that!

  • Red lips!

But, this year every shade of red has made its way! You can go from a berry lip to a bright red!

  • Finally, a good wine lip, duh?

But, this time instead of maroon tones, it’s taken a different toll and it’s more of the black toned berry lips.

For all you black lip lovers like myself. Boy! Have I got some news for you! If deep wine lip shades are too light for your liking, sport a black lip!

This is a big YES YES this season!

Here are a few swatches that may help you:

Alright my lovelies, I hope this helped you out & let me know if you like this trend or not! Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Here’s a simple look I’m sporting this season!



Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear!

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