REVIEW: YBP Makeup Perfector! InfinitytimesinfinityxYBPCosmetics

Hello there!

I’ve got a new product in town for you. It’s got everyone raving about it!

Haven’t a clue? It’s the YBP Makeup Perfector!

A brief history about YBP:

Found by beauty blogger Payal Thaker.

Their goal?

“We don’t want India to always be trailing behind in the world of Cosmetics. We want to make amazing high-quality user-friendly Beauty products widely and easily available in India. We are focused on bringing our favorite worldwide products to the Indian market. And of course, we’ll add our own personal touch to them as well.”

So, with the beauty blender already in India would you want to invest in this one? Let me break it down into pro’s and con’s for you guys!


  • Good quality!
  • If you take good care of it, it would definitely last more than 3-4 months!
  • There are two kinds of blenders: Lust (Black) & Naked (Colorless) to sort you ladies with sensitive skin!
  • The perfected doubles up in size easily when damp!
  • No dye residue when you wash your perfecter like the pink beauty blender does!
  • Works well with powders, creams, liquids!
  • Provide full but natural coverage!
  • Latex free!
  • Travel friendly


  • The only con that comes to the top of my head would be the price, for some of you it may be too much. But, hey! That’s what you get for quality!
  • The perfecter may be a tad too big for those with small faces! (The size of these perfectors are bigger than the beauty blender pro)

The only test the perfector has to clear for me – It has to last longer than my beauty blender!

My beauty blender is currently a year old & it still functions beautifully!

It’s been a month since I’ve used my perfector, no wear and tear, still going strong!

I hope this makeup perfecter exceeds my expectations with the longevity as it has with its functionality!

I’ll definitely update my space and let you guys know!

Would I recommend this?

If you can afford this, yes! It will not disappoint you with its function!

All in all, great product! 


₹999/-, per piece

I’ve a a discount code to avail 10% off for you guys! Use it on your check out!



Shop these blenders from:


I’ve a small video using this product on my Instagram! Please check it out!


Hope you liked this post! Comment below! 

Shots by: Eric Samuel
Till then,
Love love love & more love 
Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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