Hello there beautiful!

It’s about time Maybelline decided to launch this palette in India!

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this baby!

After being impressed by ” The Nudes” the first nude palette to be launched in India!

I clearly have high hopes from this  cool toned palette!

One word my friend, AMAZING!

I’ll break it down into pros and cons:


  • Beautiful shades
  • Perfect for subtle or full glam looks!
  • Pigmented
  • Less fallout
  • Colours are intensified when used wet!
  • Great shades for every skin tone hen used correctly!
  • Affordable!
  • You can use just a single shade to create a simple look! 


  • Not cruelty free!
  • A few shades from the first row when swatched onto your hand or put on the lids may end up looking almost similar.

Hence wise selection/combination of shades on the lid is required to create a beautiful look or it may look like muddy.


I honestly cannot recommend these enough to you!




Shots by: Eric Samuel
Till then,
Love love love & more love 
Avec Amour, Ranita♥



  1. Bhavika says:

    I wrote a post on this palette too! I love it! You’re so lucky yours have gaps between the shades. My palette barely has gaps between the shades! It is so annoying that the Blushed Nudes palette in the UK are like that. However, the shades are beautiful so I can look past it. Do a look with the palette on your blog! 🙂 ox


    • ranitasheets says:

      Dang! That’s a bummer! But I do love the palette for everyday use, even more that the original one (the nudes)!
      I will definitely do a look and post it on the blog especially for you Bhavika! Thank you for your comment! Great job with your blog, love that you stay all the way in the UK but still manage to stay up to date with Bollywood movies here & review them 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bhavika says:

        Same! The pinker tones are more fun to use.
        & Thank you! And aha, got to be proud of your roots! Especially since Bollywood is thriving with such different content nowadays.
        & I love your blog too! 🙂 XO


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