Hello there!

L.A girl launched some time back in India through Nykaa & I bought quite a few products. The first one being the Flat Pigment Gloss.

The name honestly comes off as an oxymoron to me, why? Simply because it says gloss – but, hold up, it dies down to a pure matte finish, somewhat on the lines of a liquid lipstick.

They’ve got about 16 shades from this range! Nude to vampy shades!

Bear in mind with me that I am a true, devoted and loyal lover of liquid lipsticks, so my review will be based on those lines.

I’ll break it down into pros & cons. The usual.


  • Opaque
  • Great intensity & Color payoff
  • Fries down matte within a few seconds of application 
  • Affordable
  • Great quantity
  • Lasting power of 10 hours!
  • Easy to reapply when you don’t rub your lips
  • Cruelty free 


  • You can definitely feel the presence of the liquid lipstick on your lip – heavy
  • When you rub your lips during the day, it’s peels off like rubber 


So I thought I would LOVE this lipstick, turns out, I did for maybe two-three hours or so; Maybe, even after my lunch when it stay put on my lip.

When I started playing around with it I noticed that if I were the kind of person who is new to true liquid lipsticks, I would run my lips together which turns the product into a eraser like crumbs, ew.

At the end of the day, it felt super heavy on my lip and all I wanted to do was take it off.


You’ve got to understand one thing about liquid lipsticks. They have their limitations; they aren’t as flexible as your regular bullet lipsticks.

With that being said, this lipstick would be great for say 2-3 hours of wear, probably lunch, party or some event.

Would I recommend this product for the whole day? If you aren’t a fan of liquid lipstick, you would most definitely despise this product.

If you’re a liquid lipstick addict, you could manage; because the lasting power of this product is amazing! Just moisturise those lips, slather a lot of balm!




Although I love liquid lipsticks and can’t get enough of them, I’ll have to pass on this one. Simple because I cannot wear this for the whole day without feeling its presence on my lip! But, longevity wise, this lasts for a really long time on the lip provided you know how to deal with liquid lipsticks (which means no rubbing and fidgeting)

I’ll use this for my 2-3 hour occasions!
Another great option you could try for the same price point would be the NYX Liquid Soft Matte, Suede or Lingerie Lipsticks!


INR β‚Ή575/-, .17oz/5gm


I hope this helped you guys!

Shots by: Eric Samuel
Till then,
Love love love & more love 
Avec Amour, Ranitaβ™₯



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