What’s up majestic one?

I know I’m not the only one when it comes to laying off my spa/grooming appointments!

I love pampering myself, don’t get me wrong! It’s just the hassle where I’ve to force myself to get my lazy butt off the couch and get out of my house or I’m just too busy or I’m tired after a long days work and finally it’s probably cause of the unpredictable weather!

All I’m saying is that I’d find any excuse to lay off my quality time to myself simply because I don’t want to step out!

It is so important to keep time to yourself to relax and be at ease – to allocate some time to pamper and indulge in some masks for yourself; this, not only helps us therapeutically relax but also unwind ourselves and be able to think better!

So for all you working ladies, busy mommies & mature women who just don’t have the time to step out or can’t afford to, I’ve got a solution for you!

What solves this incessant problem of mine?

If these personal services come home of course! Um, if that was possible – we’d have to be royalty wouldn’t we? Well.. 

That’s where StayGlad services come in to save the day!

What is StayGlad?

StayGlad is an online beauty service that  provides services to you at your very own doorstep at such affordable prices with just a touch on your phone!

Why StayGlad?

All you ever need to maintain your glamorous self is provided here with a click of just a button!

  • Convenience: Beauty services at your doorstep. No need to fight weather, traffic or parking spaces
  • Quality: Trained and experienced service provider. Best products and standardized procedures used
  • Trust: Certified beauticians with thorough background check to ensure satisfaction!

Sounds splendid, doesn’t it?

Services that they offer:

StayGlad offers services ranging from your basic threading to hair cut/colouring!

You can either book your services individually or with special monthly packages provided!

I love using these services for my monthly pamper session.

I’m here to share my experience with StayGlad!

The services that I usually look for at any parlour are:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Wax 
  • Threading
  • Body Massage
  • Head massage
  • Facial Clean Up
  • Haircut

And so I did find these services provided by StayGlad all I had to do was book my appointment!

How do you book an appointment?

All you gotta do is log onto their site-

StayGlad (click on the link)
And create and account and select your services, add the date and type in your address and viola! 

This service is so easy and convenient you can book it a day before!

As if this wasn’t simple enough, for all you Android users out there, StayGlad has an app! Alls you have to do is download it and book your appointment!

You’ll receive a confirmation message and a call – say, two hours before to see if you still haven’t changed that mind of yours or if something urgent has come up and you’d have to cancel your appointment. That won’t be a problem for them!


Let’s be honest here, having a parlour at home can get messy and can be unhygienic and mostly ruin my clean house! This did bother me quite a bit!

But, I was wrong! The services were perfect! (I’ll show you some pictures to prove it!)

What I loved:

  • Hygienic
  • Good equipments
  • Sterilised 
  • Good quality of products used
  • Professionals who were well trained


  • The only downside to this service is that it’s only available  for people living in the city of Bangalore!

All I’d say is give it some time and I definitely see future scope in many cities!


I enjoyed my manicure to my facial thoroughly and that goes to my beautician – Srijana!

She made me feel at ease and we had a nice conversation too!

I’ll insert some of my pictures to show you just what I’m talking about for you to get a better picture!

With StayGlad I can multitask, literally!

Would I recommend their services?

Absolutely! They lived upto my standards and I’ll be using this service on regular basis and you should give this a shot!


(Music by Odesza- It’s only, Feat: Zyra)
I hope my review helped you out!
Shots by: Eric Samuel
Till then,
Love love love & more love 
Avec Amour, Ranitaβ™₯



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