Hi there cuties!

I’ve been on the look out for amazing lashes and alas I found one and thought I could share them with you!

I’m tired of investing in super expensive lashes and getting very less use from it!

Why I love these?

First of all, I’m all in for supporting Indian brands & helping them grow. Secondly, they’re 

  • Cruelty free!
  • Vegan
  • 100% sterilised natural and soft synthetic fibres


  • So easy to use!
  • I didn’t have to trim my lashes!
  • Thin lash band!
  • Reusable!
  • Comfortable on my lash line!


  • As it comes with every lash, if you don’t use them properly & take care – you cannot reuse them that many times!                           

I’ve created so many looks with these lashes, tbh I’ve reused them upto 10 times!

I’ve been loving the styles: Strip Tease & Fireworks!

Those are dramatic but look natural on me . But for those of you who like a subtle style Glowmiere have those for you too!

I’ll list out the styles for you:

(Images below are from the main site : Glowmiere Beauty)

  • Strip Tease

INR โ‚น450/-

  • Fireworks

INR โ‚น450/-

  • Winging it

INR โ‚น325/-

  • Lash Out

INR โ‚น275/-

  • Dulce

INR โ‚น325/-

  • Drama Mama

INR โ‚น450/-

    I’ve a discount code for you lovelies: (one time use only)

    • Use ‘LASH10′ to avail a 10% off on your purchase at the exit!

    Shop them on:

    Looks I’ve created using the style Strip Tease:

    I hope this helped you guys!

    Shots by: Eric Samuel
    Till then,
    Love love love & more love 
    Avec Amour, Ranitaโ™ฅ



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