Hi there, here’s a tiny blog post that will help you pull off any dark lip!

Most girls often find it intimidating to sport a basic dark lip and I totally get it. It can get a bit over the top when you don’t wear the right kind of makeup to compliment it!

So how do you pull it off? I’ve taken here an example of the darkest lip colour one could opt for, a black lip! So, if this makeup works for this colour, you’ve got some potent makeup look here Hun!

Step 1: 

  • Get your base done right – what I usually like to do is either go for a super highlighted & contoured face for that ‘sultry’ look or a just use blush for a more ‘sweet’ appearance! 
  • I feel using all three can give a bit of an over powering look

Step 2:

  • Make sure your eye makeup is almost as little to no makeup at all!
  • What I’ve done here is, I’ve highlighted just my inner corner, the center of my lids & the brow bone! You’ve got the most simplest look there!
  • Or else, just contour your crease with your contour/bronzer powder!

Step 3:

  • This isn’t related to makeup but it’s what I take into consideration – my accessories, wearing overwhelming pieces can look a bit over the top, so try and stay as simple as you can to make your look appear subtle!
  • I also like to keep my outfits one toned / casual when I sport a super dark lip. 
  • But hey, that’s personal preference, you can do what ever makes you happy!

Here are a few shots of me sporting my black lip, I had so much of fun!

I hope this helped you!

Shots by : Eric Samuel


5 thoughts on “HOW TO: PULL OF A BOLD LIP๐Ÿ‘„

  1. iblogbeauty says:

    Fabulous tips! How on earth you pull off a black lip so well I don’t know! I agree with only a little bit of makeup on the eyes.


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