Hi you guys!

I was just scrolling through Amazon the other day & I found these babies on the recommended list for myself!

Upon seeing the reviews, I decided to buy 

  • Their beauty blender
  • Mini – beauty blenders 

So I thought I would give you guys my opinion about these sponges today!

I know that the first thing that pops into your mind is: Girl, is that a legit dupe for the beauty blender?

Well my friend, I am happy to tell you that the finish is very similar! You label this as your affordable version of the beauty blender! But, there were minor differences, I’ll talk about them at the cons section!

What I noticed :

  • The texture of these sponge’s very similar to the actual beauty blender!
  • They’re  very soft


  • Affordable!
  • Similar finish to the beauty blender
  • Exact shape of the beauty blender
  • I use my beauty blender to apply my moisturizers on my lazy days!
  • Natural finish
  • The mini beauty blenders are great for under eye concealers
  • I love using my mini beauty blenders for baking, applying my kohl, highlighter, contour!
  • Very soft!


  • The quality isn’t very good, because: I personally am not rough when it comes to washing my beauty blender, but with the PAC beauty blender, I noticed some wear & tear after using it for say, 10 times ? ( as you can see in the picture above, the pink beauty blender)
  • Not durable!


  • Beauty Blender (Pack of 1): ₹485/-
  • Mini Beauty Blenders (Pack of 4): ₹285/-

Would I recommend them?

I think for the price you’re getting these tools at, you can’t ask for more!

I love my mini beauty blenders, they’ve replaced my big beauty blender because I’ve started concealing my face and areas that need it, so I reach for the tiny ones more!

If you use foundations everyday, the beauty blender would do you good!

Pictures shot by : Eric Samuel (Elienai Photography)

I hope this helped you guys!

Till then,

Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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