Hello Jello there!

I know this isn’t a new product that’s been launched recently and I’m late when it comes to reviewing this stuff, but it is new when it comes to me because Stila Cosmetics just launched in Bangalore! 

I’ve heard so much about this brand & the amazing quality it delivers that I just had to purchase something from them!

Of course, the first product one usually would try from any brand would be their lipsticks, I purchased two of these shades! 

Here’s one of them! (aria)

But I’ve teamed up with Sephora for this blog post and have all the shades for you here! 


  • Super long lasting, I kid you not!
  • You can skip your lip balm & apply this product and your lips will not dry!
  • Great quantity plus quality!
  • Hypoallergenic & non comedogenic!
  • Great texture!
  • Love the colors!
  • Transferproof, lit kiss proof!
  • Opaque!
  • Easy ass application of the lipstick because of the flexible wand!
  • No fragrance ( quite faint actually, doesn’t bother me)


  • On the higher end of the price range, but worth it!
  • We have just 8 shades, we need the whole collection!


I would definitely recommend these babies! I’m so in love with them & use them everyday!

Here’s a picture of Aria on my lips! 

It’s literally one of the lipsticks that I use on regular basis!



Size: 0.08 fl.oz.

You can purchase them from:

I hope this helped you guys!

Till then,

Love love love & more love 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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