Hello there!
I’ve heard so much about the Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara & finally since we have Benefit Cosmetics in Bangalore; I had to get my hands on it!

I have a good set of lashes, let’s thank the lord for that!

I need a mascara that’s wet & I can layer on as opposed to a dry fiber one.

When it comes to the material of the wand, be it a plastic or fiber – I’m comfy with both!

If you’re new to using a mascara and you don’t really know what’s best for you, I’d recommend trying both types of wands out, you’d be surprised!

When it comes to what I love in a mascara, it only narrows down to these simple things
* I don’t like waterproof mascaras

* It should not and must not transfer during the day

* Since I have watery eyes who like to tear up when and how they please I don’t want my mascara to glide down as well

My holy grail is the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

Benefit’s mascara has an interesting wand shape, a ball in the front and a medium sized wand.
* Waterproof !

* Voluminous and Lash lengthening

* Plastic wand, interesting shape

* Lasts long

* Does not flake

* Can be layered on

* The ball on the wand is great for the lower lash line & the inner corner lashes which are usually hard to reach

* This is good mascara for those of you with a full set as well as those who aren’t blessed with lashes!

*Does not flake on me!


* I put too much mascara on for my own good and when I have to get this off at the end of the day, I need a really strong cleanser and I have to do it twice!

* If you’re in a hurry, and need to slather on some mascara on your lashes in 2 minutes, don’t use this – you’ll end up hurting your eyes and your lashes just get clumped up

* While using this mascara for the first time, I swooped them across my lashes quickly hoping I’d get the same result w my regular mascara, but I had a bad lash day

* You need to take time with this product to slowly sweep the sand and separate each lash until you get the final output desired.

* Expensive

* If you layer too much of this product, you can get spidery lashes ( Personally, I  like them )

Once you get used to this baby you’ll have awesome looking lashes to rock everyday!

I’ve been enjoying using this mascara on my special occasions because I have more time to splurge as opposed to my early mornings!

Pictures of how they make my lashes look:


(I’ve layered about 12357898532 coats, but no seriously how amazing do my lashes look?)



Between ₹2000-2900, 8.5gms, .3oz. I’m sorry about the price not being approximate, I’ve lost my bill!

I hope this helped you guys!

Love, love & more love,

Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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