Hello my lovelies!

Ever since Sephora opened in Bangalore, I’ve been going there religiously almost every other week!

I spotted the Makeup Forever HD foundation, not the Ultra HD, the older one.

I was sad that they didn’t have the new ones, but nevertheless from the reviews I’ve seen they’re pretty much the same, but the ultra HD is thicker!

So I’ll give you my thoughts about this foundation now!

I’ve been using this for a month & this has easily become my go to foundation, I lit use this everyday!

Shade I’m in : 153

What I love:

  • The consistency is runny, it gives you medium coverage with one pump
  • Easily buildable!
  • Layering this product will not make it look cakey 
  • Does NOT oxidise
  • Glides on perf and blends like a dream
  • Perfect for any skin type (oily, prime first)
  • Beautiful finish!
  • My skin has reacted or gone cray-cray with it!


  • Expensive!
  • It lasts for 5-6 hours on a super hot day on my skin, I expected it to last longer
  • You MUST set it w a powder!
  • Works best with a MUFE Primer ( I think so at least, I use the Step1 smoothing primer)


₹4000/-, 30ml, 1.01 fl.oz.

Would I recommend this?

If you’re a student, or someone on a budget, I wouldn’t recommend this stuff because this price is just too much; But if you’re a bride to be or you’ve got to glam up for an event and are looking for a good foundation, go for this! I’d even recommend the concealers!

I use this product with a beauty blender, it works well with a brush, sponge or your clean fingers!

Here’s a picture to show the coverage I get with two layers, I use this foundation everyday with no concealer, so I think it’s got a beautiful coverage! Don’t you?

I hope this mini review helped you guys out, remember what suits my skin may or may not suit yours, so it’s always good to use my post as an opinion but definitely go check it out at the store and try it on before committing to it!

Please leave a comment if you need to know anything else!
Till then,

Avec Amour, Ranita♥

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