Hi there,

Here’s a small post to help you decide if you need this stuff in your life!

I’m talking about the Sephora Multitexture Sponge!

So, I’ve seen MAC make the exact same sponge as this, but it was a tad bit expensive, this was pretty affordable! The MAC sponge is beautiful, let’s see if the Sephora’s sponge makes the cut!

As soon as I opened the package, I noticed the texture of the sponge being really hard!

I’ll be comparing this sponge to a beauty blender!

When you’ve to use a sponge, you need to dampen the product, usually this becomes bigger;

Strangely enough, this product did not increase to a noticeable size, it did becomes a little soft ( after the second wash with soap)



  • On the first use, the sponge seems hard, but once you start using it everyday (since you wash it everyday) the texture of the sponge becomes better & better
  • The application is easy!
  • The finish is very skin like and almost comparable to the beauty blender!
  • The shape of the sponge makes it very easy for the application of concealer of setting with a loose powder under the eyes as opposed to a beauty blender!
  • This did not wear/tear after regular washes!

I personally enjoy using this sponge as it gives me the exact same result as my beauty blender! Here’s a picture to show you!


If you don’t own a beauty blender or don’t want to indulge in an expensive sponge, I would definitely recommend this stuff! 


INR 425/-

I hope this was helpful!

Till then,

Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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