Happy Easter! He’s Risen!

I’m gonna show you a simple look to pull off this Easter, it’s a pretty legit look that would pretty much go about with any outfit!


So, I usually attend the 10 o’clock service and head out with my family for a big fat feast with the relatives!

I need my makeup to last till the evening & given the temperature in Bangalore right now, I ‘mma need something potent!

Let’s start off with a clean and moisturized face

Next step, prep your face with a mattifying primer (oily skin) I usually use this on my T-zone;

Find a matte foundation and apply a thin layer over your face, increase the layers for more coverage! Set your face with a loose translucent powder!

Let’s begin with the fun part, the eye shadow work!

For this look I’ll be using the Maybelline – The Nude’s Palette

Eyeshadow work:

  • Find a warm toned matte brown eye shadow &  apply this in your crease!

  • Using this light shimmer shadow  (shown in the picture) & a flat shading brush apply this to the inner half of your lids!

  • Using the light shimmery brown eye shadow define the outer edge of the crease!

  • Blend baby blend!
  • Using the last shade, apply this to your lower lash line
  • Using the the pearlescent shade, highlight your inner corners!

  • Apply some Volumizing Mascara on top & bottom half and you’re good to go!
  • Pair this look with a nude lip & voila!

Here’s a picture of the final look!

I hope I could help you or give you an idea of what you could do this Easter!

 Till then,
Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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