Hello there!
It’s been about 3-4 weeks since the launch of the ‘ Lip Gradation Lipsticks by Maybelline ‘

So here I am today, giving you my thoughts about them!
So what was the inspiration behind these lipsticks?
These babies have been inspired from the trend running in Korea – Bleeding Lips or Gradient Lips
What are bleeding lips?

This is when your inner half of the lip is colored with the lip shade and blended out!
The lipstick comes with a sponge applicator along with your lipstick in a retractable body! 

How do you use it?

Use the lipstick to color the inner half of your lips, then use the sponge provided at the end to blend out your lips, don’t blend it such that you colour your whole lip, just the liner part of your lip so you have what’s called a – gradation!

Here’s how you get them!


What I think about them?

Well, these are matte lipsticks and they are quite moisturizing, I love the quality & texture!

But, these aren’t long lasting, they do smear off on your clothes, hands and after a meal, just like their regular ones!

So, if you don’t mind  reapplying these you could buy them!

But personally, the stick broke while I was apply the lipstick & I feel like you get less product for the price your paying!

They have a beautiful range of 8 shades from orange, reds to block colored pinks to a good looking mauve! ( My favorite!)


₹500 per stick!



I hope this helped you guys!
Till then,
Avec Amour, Ranita♥



  1. Yumi says:

    Thank you! thank you! finally someone in India who has shown the correct way of applying these! People are using them like matte lipsticks (which is still fine but come on!). Orange looks beautiful on your skin btw I think I’ll get one too ☺


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