One of the many trends that I’ve seen growing lately is the heavy glitter/sparkle on the eyelids!

Of course, this is isn’t one of you regular everyday looks but this is one for those magical moments or when you’ve just got to amp up the ‘oomph’ factor someday!

Hello there gorg! 

I’m gonna help you create this magical look for that special someone… Yourself!

 So, let’s get right to it,

Start of w a clean & moisturised face and follow these simple steps!


When you’ve got an all nighters to pull off, you NEED a primer to help you get through the night!

I’ve use the MAC’s Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base.

This stuff is budge proof!

Since I’m using loose pigment, I’ll start off w the eyes and then do my base!


Use a matte eyeshadow of your skin shade all over your lids & set your primer! (I’ve used the L’oreal La Palette Nude in Rose)

Then, using a warm toned matte eyeshadow apply this on the hollows of your eyes, that would be your crease, this is our transition color!

(The shade w the cute little moustache is the one I’ve used!)  
Step 3:

Find a metallic eyeshadow of the same loose pigment your gonna use and wet your brush!

Apply the metallic eyeshadow across 1/3rds of your eyelids starting from the inner corners!

(I’ve mixed two of the shades from this palette)  
This will form a stronger base and gives a better color pay off when you apply your loose pigments or sparkle!

Step 4:

Find a black kohl and smoke out your top lash line, just to define your lashes a tad bit better!

Now, wet your brush & grab some of your loose pigments, I’ve used the sparkles from Faces Canada!

Dab this on top of your eyelids where you’ve placed your metallic eyeshadow! This will give you dimension!

Amp up the look with some dramatic mascara & redo the smudging of kohl on your upper lash line and let’s move on to the base!


Finish your base as you normally would, I’ve used a the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless in 310 & MAC’s Prolongwear Concealer in NC 40!

Highlighted using The Balms Mary Loumanizer!

A heavy contour w the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in PURE!

Finish this look with a gorgeous Matte Red lip, to balance out the shimmer on the lids, I’ve used MAC’s Ruby Woo!

Voila, you’re finished!

You can legit rock this look for any glam event you’ve got & you’ll have def have everybodies attention!

Final look:


I’ve collaborated yet again w the gorgeous Varna from (http://www.musingonahanger.com)

Head down there to know more about what to pair with this sultry look! 


Sites where you can buy the products used:

Hope this inspired you my love!

Avec Amour, Ranita♥


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