The 90’s baby- GRUNGE!

Hey there!


I’ve always been fascinated with how make-up has changed from various era’s & countries!

The drastic amount we’ve progressed is something really to admire & look upon!

Alright so, since I’m a 90’s baby & although I was just a little kid back then I know I’d always been fascinated by the ice cold crystal blue eyeshadow I’d seen Britney Spear’s sport back then or Rachel Green’s signature lip & hair from F.R.I.E.N.D.S !

So I’ve decided to sport the 90’s look till I find my interest! Altering few of the looks back then to make it more appropriate for our present time!

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve noticed about 3 different looks during the 90’s, they were

  • The Grunge Look
  • The Icey Blue Eyeshadow
  • The Shimmery Gold/Neutrals

I’ll tell you what was in during the 90’s era:

  • Skinny brows ( Basically, over plucked to the point where there was no rescue)
  • Matte earthy toned eyeshadows
  • Neutral kohls (Blacks, Grays, Browns)
  • Foundation was a shade lighter than your skin tone for your grunge looks & your normal shade for the other two but it was def matte
  • Neutral shimmers or just a metallic blue eyeshadow (for an edgy look)
  • No lashes (falsies)
  • Muted Browns, a solid Burgundy or Wine lip!
  • Matte finish to your skin!
  • Fashion accessory: A choker!


Alls you need to rock my take on the 90’s look  are:

  • A matte earthy tone eyeshadow / grays / blacks
  • A kohl/ kajal you must be able to smudge the shiz outta!
  • A wine/brown/neutral brown tone nude lipsticks
  • Muted blush tone ( a very natural shade)

This is just one of the three looks that I’m recreating, I’ll probably do another blog post recreating the others!

This is my take on the Grunge Look:

Step 1:

  • Find a matte brown/gray eyeshadow and apply this to your crease! This will be your transition shade

Step 2:

  • Using a matte eyeshadow that’s one shade darker than your transition shade, apply this on your eyelids!
  • Get an even transition between the two shades & make sure you blend to perfection!
  • Blending is key!

Step 3:

  • Using a kohl, similar shade range to your eyeshadow!
  • Draw a well defined line on your upper lashline & don’t be afraid to drag it to your lower lashline & your water line!
  • Smudge this baby out until it looks like makeup after a bad hangover!
  • Use a good volumizing mascara & thicken your lashes up!

Step 4:

  • For your face, the traditional method would be to go one shade lighter than your regular skin tone, but I prefer using my shade foundation with a highlighting concealer to do the job!
  • Please do what you think is best!

Step 5:

  • Apply the most sheer/ lightest blush you can find MATTE of course!
  • I’m using a brown liner to line my lips & topping it off w a matte brown lip!

This is my classic grunge look and I think it’s a perfect look to pull of during the day or night, whatever floats your boat man!

Pair this w a choker & you’ll rock this sassy grunge look just right!

Yes, I am going to be rocking this look for the month of February & I hope you will too!

Here’s a picture of my look!

Hope this inspired you to try something edgy!

Avec Amour, Ranita♥





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