Biggest Trend For 2016!

So what is the biggest trend for the year 2016?

Hey there gorg!

No, you didn’t guess this one right if you thought contouring was the answer!

Hells no, this year we’re moving away from the chiseled and polished look to a more natural & dewy look!

So the answer to your question is, STROBING a.k.a your basic highlighting 101 with a beautiful Dewy base!

If your new to doing your make-up & don’t really know what highlighting is, I’m here to help you out!

What is highlighting?

Highlighting is what you do to enhance certain features / parts of your face; Mostly where light would reflect off your face!

Why do we highlight?

The only reason to why we highlight is because we want to enhance certain features on our face!

It also gives us an illusion of healthy skin (like you’ve been drinking all your fluids right)

Just take a mirror & study the parts where you see light reflect!

There are 2 kinds of highlighting!

1. With highlighting concealers

2. With highlighters OR illuminators


This technique is used to enhance certain features of your face

  • Use a concealer which is only one shade lighter than your skin tone
  • BLEND!

This chart will help you:

The white lines are for highlighting & the darker lines for contouring

(Contour with respect to your face shape please!)


Use a finely milled peach/gold/pink undertone highlighter on the high points of you cheeks!

This will give us the illusion that we’ve got that healthy looking skin!

Follow this chart for highlighting:



Apart from this, the look that almost everybody will be focusing on is a dewy complexion!

If you’ve got oily skin, use a matte foundation & layer with powder highlighter!

(Women with oily skin may think that strobing will make their skin look shinier. If the wrong products are used, that can be the case. When you’re prone to oiliness the trick is to first apply foundation & an oil absorbent matte setting powder. Make sure you’re using an oil free foundation, and set with a mattifying powder!)

For all of you with dry skin like myself, I’ll help you turn your Matte Foundation To A Dewy Foundation:

  • Apply your matte foundation on your skin with your foundation brush
  • Take two drop of oil (JUST 2) on your damp beauty blender & start blending your foundation!

This will give you the most dewiest glow to your face!

To ENHANCE your skin:

Use a liquid illuminator as a base before applying your foundation for a more natural look!

What I use: MAC STROBE CREAMmac-strobe-cream

Why Dewy?

This gives your skin a youthful glow! So, if you’re trying to reduce some years, try using a dewy foundation!

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna be rocking some dewy skin this season! Till then..

Avec Amour, Ranita♥





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