Pout for me, won’t you? ðŸ’‹

Hey there beautiful,

Happy New Years!

Let’s ring in the New Years with this fun little trick for you to experiment out this season if pouty lips is what you’re looking for..

Some us just have those days when we want lip fillers to make our lips visible & pouty, I think this is a better way without the commitment! Also, you’ll be saving yourself some big bucks!

This is a an easy, hassle free and of course painless method to give an illusion of larger looking lips!

Les begin:

Alls you need are two different lipstick shades that compliment each other..

I’m using here dark berry lip color & a nude muted pink..

( The shade in the middle is optional )  
These are the basics, but I’ve added two more products (lip liner & another lipstick) along with this which are completely optional! 

  • Start with lining your lips with the darker lip colour preferably a lipliner!

And if you want, overdraw your lips just slightly


(if you don’t have a lip liner use the dark lipstick on a lip brush and outline your lips)

  • Use the darker shade to fill in the outer corners of your lips


While your at it make sure you concentrate most of the lip color on the outside and just a little on the center on the lips

  • OPTIONAL:  Fill in the centre of your lips with an intermediate shade between the dark & light ones! 

This is only to help blending easier and make the transition smooth!


  • Take your lighter shade and fill in the centers of your lip!




And now my love, you’re done! 

Remember makeup is only an expression of art, it does not define you! 

Have fun w this look & let me know your thoughts! Till then,
Avec Amour, Ranita♥




Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear!

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