Hello my love!

So I’m the biggest lipstick hoarder you’ll ever find & when it comes to favorite lipsticks it has got to be from the highend range for me personally!

But, this year I stumbled up the ‘NYX SOFT MATTE LIPCREAMS’ and I’ve heard great reviews about it!

So I’ll give you my opinion about it now, 

I have 3 of the lipsticks that are :

  • PRAGUE – a deep tone pink
  • COPENHAGEN – a beautiful wine red
  • TRANSYLVANIA – a deep dark shade of purple, almost black!

So, the light shades are really good & easy to work with! 

The darker shades can be a bit of a problem if you don’t exfoliate your lips and use balm!

I’ll break it down here:


  • Can make your lips look chapped 
  • Will crack within two hours
  • DO NOT lick your lips once you’ve applied the product
  • Can be a bit too matte (drying)


  • You can makes this product last if you scrub your lips & moisturize them with a lip balm before applying it!
  • Affordable price 
  • Great quality
  • Kiss proof! 
  • If you moisturize well this lipstick will last for a long time

TIP: Don’t press your lips after applying the lipstick on, wait for it to dry & you’re good to go!



I’ve been loving these lipsticks these season even though they crack on my lips (dark shades) I make them work by moisturizing like cray, so I’m in love w liquid lipsticks & I’d rather invest in these lipsticks rather than a MAC matte lipstick!

These are super matte so if you aren’t keen on having super dries matte lips I’d skip this stuff if I were you!







(Just imagine these colors one shade darker, they don’t look true on cam)
Price – โ‚น1000-โ‚น1800, 18ml

Available on:

As for me, I’m gonna be trying out other options, to see if there are better liquid lipsticks out there!

Let me know your thoughts about this & if I missed out anything about the product! I’d love to hear from you! Till then,

Avec Amour, Ranitaโ™ฅ





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