Hey there!

I’m gon start working out in a bit, and normally I would abide by wearing no makeup to the gym, but then there are those days when you just need some little help!

This small post will help get you there!

So, I have 3 basic products to attain the ‘ I woke up like this’ look –


If you’ve got some dark circles that  you just can’t leave your house without, then concealer will be your best friend!

What I recommend – everybody has a pimple every other day or two, you do not have to conceal everything on your face! Dab some under your eyes and around the nose to cancel Andy darkness and you’re good to go! (DO NOT forget to set it with powder!)

What I use – MAC PROLONG WEAR – NC42



If you need some glam on those lashes, use a good waterproof mascara that will not let you down when you sweat, it better be sweat proof ladies you don’t want to look like a raccoon at the end of your session!




Why I recommend lipbalm or stain over lipstick is because you DO NOT want your lipstick to slide all over the face or just look a little too glam for the gym..

Using a lipbalm/stain will help you get there, 

What I use: 

  • The Body Shop – Lip & Cheek Stain
  • Burts Bees Replinishing Lip Balm    

Apart from the face, what helps me the most is DRY SHAMPOO!

I can get away for days without washing my hair!

What I use: BBLUNT – Back To Life Dry Shampoo


Remember, these are just a few things I personally use while going to the gym, and if your just like me and need a little extra TLC there’s nothing wrong with that! At the end it’s all about you being confident in whatever look your sport, makeup or no makeup! 

Have a great week ahead!
Avec Amour, Ranitaβ™₯




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