Les go nude .. On the lips but ofcourse!

So, let’s be honest, how many of us have ended up searching for a perfect nude lip color but ended up buying a million different wrong nude shades that are super light for our skin tone and just make you look like you’ve got no lips on?

Girl i’mma be guilty here!

But today, I’m gonna show you how you can actually use a nude lip that does not actually compliment your skin tone!

So don’t just stash it away and let it expire!

Nude lips are definitely for you ladies who are new to using lipsticks and wouldn’t dare to use a bold one! This ones for you!

So, I’m gonna show you a nude lipstick (that does not compliment me)in this picture below

As you can see, it makes me look like I literally have no lips! Eeegh

But I absolutely love this color and I def wanna pull it off!

So, find yourself a lip liner that’s your lip color or just a shade darker!

Since my lips are a little dark on the outer corner I’m gonna choose a nice caramel shade lipliner!

This is your best friend & will help you save the day!

Outline your lips with the liner and proceed to using your lipstick!

You’re definitely gonna pull your nude lip color in a much gorgeous way & look like you’ve still got them lips on!

Have a great time pulling a nude lip off ladies! Till then,

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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