Hi there, finding the right shade of foundation to enhance your skin can be a bit of a problem!

I’m gon show you how you can pick the right shade for yourself!

I literally took more than a year & about 10-20 different wrong foundations to finally learn which one suits me!

Follow these few rules & you’ll find the Perf shade in no time Hun!

Rule 1: Find your undertone!


Finding your undertone is the most crucial part before buying a foundation, check if your belong to the neutrals, yellows or pink undertones!

If your cool toned – a foundation which is neutral or pink based would you suit you more ( don’t go for yellow tones even though they help you cancel your dark veins, it looks like a mask)

Warm tone – find a foundation that’s got a yellow undertone, this will also reduce flashback and make your skin look more natural to an extent!

Rule 2: What skin type are you?

Do you have dry or oily? Combination or normal? You’ve got to find that stuff out and know the inside & out about your skin! 

How your skin would react, how it gets during winter and then during summer! Which moisturiser would suit during the winters & summers!

Do you homework ladies!

Rule 3: Research & sample out!

When you’ve figured out your skin basics, don’t just jump into any foundation you like immediately !

Find as many brands as you like and go sample them out on your jawline and make sure it blends completely!

Do not sample foundation on your wrist, they are def two different shades of gray Hun!

Don’t just try one, explore! Use the samples provided! Hey, they are there for a reason! Don’t shy out!

Make sure your wear the sample out for a day to see how your skin reacts and go out in natural light to see how it looks (lights inside the store make everything look perfect), take pictures to see if you get flashback also wait and see if any oxidisation of the color takes place, see how your skin reacts to it and then narrow down your few favourites!

Rule 4: Take your time!

Once you’ve narrowed down a few favourites ALWAYS take your time in selecting your foundation, which suits your skin best, look for reviews online and do a little research cos your gonna end up wearing this everyday or occasionally and you don’t wanna start breaking out as soon as your wear it!

Rule 5: You’re ready to commit!

Okay! So once you’ve decided which one is your favourite you can definitely go ahead and purchase the right shade!

Remember to follow these steps because you’re going to be investing  a lot of money into it and most importantly what you put on your skin! A li’l TLC never hurt no one!

And now my love, you’re done!

PS: If you’re buying foundation online, try this site to find your shade!

Till then..
Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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