Hey there! 

Are you new to using eyeshadows & don’t really know which palette you need? Or, do you need a simple palette for those special occasions?

I’ve got here a super amazing, yet basic palette for you!


This is an amazing quality drugstore palette!

This palette comes w 4 shimmer shades! The lightest shade is supposedly for highlighting & the rest could be mixed and used to your preference!

If you’re not sure how to play around w different colors, this should be the heat palette you buy cause any combination is a win win in this! 


Use just one shade & you’ll end up w gorg  shimmering eyes!

This is a beautiful palette to create simple or chic glamorous looks!

Would I recommend this? Yes!

Quality: highly pigmented, smooth & blendable!

DAY TIME LOOKS: Use just one shade over your lids 

GLAMOROUS LOOKS: Use two or more colors to create multiple jaw dropping looks!

PRICE: ₹475/-


This is my old time favorite and I absolutely love it! Don’t miss out on trying it! It’ll make you fall in love!
Hoped I helped you out with this one, till then..

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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