Hello ladies!

I’m gon give you my opinion about the Makeup Revolution London Bronzer- in Bronzed Fame!


So, I was in the market looking for a bronzer sometime back and I found this product for about ₹1050/- ( the prices have slashed down quit a bit!)

I ended up buying it because I have loved their palettes and I assumed that I would fall in love w this too!

Unfortunately, I did not! Let me tell you why..

  • What I look for in my bronzer? I don’t want chunks of glitter to make me look like I’ve thrown glitter all over my body!

What I need is sheer shimmer to make me look like I’ve got a sun kissed glow & that glow must reflect on my skin from within ( or appear to)

  • What this product does:

This bronzer had sparkle in it, big chunky pieces of glitter! This does not make your skin look like you’ve got a natural tan but it makes it look like you’ve doused yourself with glitter, like you’ve just been out of a glitter party!

That is a big NO NO!

Why I don’t like it:

  • This product had sparkle & no shimmer
  • This bronzer is too warm on a fair or wheat toned skin! ( You’d end up looking like an Oompah Loompah!)
  • Bronzer is literally orange tone!

What you can do:

  • Since or if you’ve ended up buying this product, you could use this and a cute eyeshadow to play around with!
  • With a very light hand you could get away using this product as your blush!
  • Save them for you tan days and use them on your legs for a beautiful glow!

Who can get away with this?

I personally think anybody w a dusky/chocolate/brown skin tone could def pull this color & look gorgeous with it!

Wouldn’t recommend this for the pale or lighter skin tones!

Well, all that I’ve just got to say is , I’m dissapointed w this product! 

PRICE : ₹899-₹1050!







  • JABONG:  

Bronzed Fame Baked Bronzer Give a dramatic touch to your summer party look with this Bronzed Fame Baked Bronzer from Makeup Revolution London. While this bronzer is perfect for when you want to exude a sun-kissed, enticing demeanour, it can also be used for intense highlights when applied with a wet brush.


Hope I helped you guys sort this out! Till then, 

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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