So this is my mini review about the “Makeup Revolution London’s – ICONIC DREAMS” palette 

I think it’s been a year or two since the launch of this brand in India & boy oh boy it’s hit a sweet soft spot into everybody’s heart!

I bought the ‘Essential Mattes’, it was my first ever palette & I fell in love w it! 

But, I needed a little sparkle in my life, so I tried the ICONIC DREAMS..

This is a good warm toned palette that def suits the undertone of us brown ladies!

It does not contain and icy metallic shade that does not compliment our skin tone !

It lasts a cray long time, and the quality is good & the pigmentation is not that opaque but we could work with that cos its build able! Nothing better than that!

The iconic dreams palette has a nice set of sparkles & matte shades, beautiful for a day time look!

You could def use this palette for the night for a subtle look!

If you wanna spice it up a lil bit more you could add your regular black shadow w any one of the shades from the palette!



(Click on picture for details)

 This palette contains: 

  • 4 – matte shades (transition colors)
  • 8 – shimmer shades

These shimmer shades are more of a shimmer and a little sparkle! 

Uh? How do I put it? When you apply the shadow it does blend out it appears shimmery but there are a few chunks of sparkle on your lids!

If you don’t like that try wetting your brush and applying your shadow! It’s def increases the intensity and reduces fall out!

BTW, this shadow does have some fall out so I would recommend you do your eyes first before your base! 

This palette is affordable and comes w 12 colors! 

I would def buy this for over an Urban Decay if your a student, cos I know it’s quiet hard to spend all your allowance on just one palette, so why pay so much when you get the same colors anyway! 

This palette ranges between ₹1090-₹1500! 

Do give this a try & let me know! 


Till then..

Avec Amour, Ranita♥



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