Not everybody has perf skin! We’re only human. But hey, we could def cheat our way in for that healthy skin! No, I’m not trying to say flawless skin is the only way to go, but there are days when we want our skin to look just clean!

These tips are for those days!

Remember your goal isn’t to put a mask on, it’s to make your skin look better with just a li’l bit of help to look like you and not someone else!

Let’s start off with a clean skin!


Before beating your face up with make up you want to wash your face and make sure it’s clean, you don’t want to layered on product over clogged up dirt on your skin, ew.


If you want a smooth texture for your foundation to look au natural. The key is to have a smooth surface & to peel away your dry skin & dead cells!


Often ladies choose to neglect a toner, they think it doesn’t really do much.

But, that’s where you go wrong! A toner is used to help maintain your skins moisture and calm and sooth your skin;

Also, a toner helps to even out your skin tone, that’s right! Didn’t think it could do that much now, did you?

What I recommend : Any good toner that you would find that suits your skin, only thing, STAY AWAY FROM TONERS THAT CONTAIN ALCOHOL, this not only does not help your skin but steals alway your skins moisture which leaves it dry!

If you’re below 20, a good moisturiser and a sunscreen on top of that is the way to go!

If you’re 20 and above, try using an serum around your eyes and a moisturiser layered on top of that (you know why ladies)

Let your moisturiser sink into your skin for about a minute!


What is a primer? A primer helps extend the longevity of your makeup and helps it’s stay put throughout the day!

If you’ve got oily skin: find a primer that will help control oil and shine, a mattifying primer would do the trick! The primer by COLORBAR USA does the trick for this & MAKEUP FOREVER do some great mattifying primers

If you’ve got dry skin like myself here: Find a primer that does the opposite of mattifying, I find that the INGLOT makeup base works best for me, it’s quiet moisturising and doesn’t steal the moisture off my face!

Pat the primer on your face & wait for a minute or two! You MUST wait or it will peel off while applying your foundation & you wouldn’t want that!

( I’ll probably do another post on how to pick the right primer for your skin soon)


After picking a quality foundation that suits your skin the most, shake your bottle and take two pumps out,    now you could use a foundation brush, buffing brush, damp sponge, damp blender or your clean fingers; Start by applying it on the centre of your face, and move towards to end! The reason we do this is cause we want more coverage on the inner part to brighten your face, work in think layers! It’ll be easy to build up coverage this way.

Don’t cake on a chunky layer at first and make sure you take your time to blend until it looks natural. Remember we don’t wait a thick mask!


A concealer is a foundation but with thicker consistency! It’s used for spot treatment!

Use a concealer that’s only half a shade lighter under your eyes, Cupid’s bow, under your contour , in between your brows & the bridge of your nose for a face brightening and an instant lift!

Use a concealer that’s the same shade as your foundation to spot treat those marks!

Remember if you’ve got bumps or protruding acne, layering makeup isn’t going to solve the problem or make it disappear, marks can be erased not the bumps! So, if you’ve got pimples do try to cover it more, you’ve just to go with the flow Hun & there’s nothing wrong with that, some of us just don’t wake up with flawless skin everytime & it’s OKAY!


So after that time consuming process, use a loose translucent powder to lock that makeup in place!

Using a translucent powder works best! If you use a powder that matches ur skin tone it only increases to coverage making it look like you’ve got a cray amount of layers on! We don’t want that!

If you’ve got oily skin, you need this! Using a tiny bit of powder with a powder brush dust it under your eyes and shiny areas to prevent slipping and sliding of makeup!

For ladies w dry skin, you need to set your concealer at least or else it will end up creasing or slipping from that spot and you wouldn’t wanna look like a raccoon now would you?

Use a light layer and finally if you’d like use a makeup setting spray to set your makeup!

These are my basic tips on how to achieve a flawless canvas, I will be writing a more detailed blog about what & how to pick each product out for your skin type soon! Till then..

Avec Amour , Ranita♥


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