So the weather’s getting pretty cold out here right now and I personally think it’s the best time of the year to break out my mauve toned errthang!

Starting off w the lips, darks lips are a big YES-YES!

I have here and inglot lipstick –

This is beautiful deep warm toned matte plum lipstick that suits my skin personally, and I think this would look great on Indian skin tone!

Priced at ₹1050

But, if you’re looking for drugstore alternative, maybelline do some great lipsticks and have a wide variety! Or, colorbar USA, they have a beautiful shade play range!

A beautiful mauve or purple lip is what I would go for this season!

Let’s get on w them cheeks-

I try and skip away from bronzers during this time just because I don’t prefer it during the cold seasons, but if you’re into looking like a glam glow diva- sure, go for it!

I personally love looking pale w a flush of pink, so for blush, I use a deeper color than usual, a mauve toned blush, try this one from MAC – Dessert Rose

This has great pigmentation, use a light hand w this product, cos you can go overboard w just a little product! (if you know what I mean, lol)

I personally love this color during the winter season and this lasts for a good 5 hours on my cheek!

I’d definitely recommend this one!

Priced at ₹1850

In India, a drugstore brand that has a wide range of blushes would be colorbar USA;

As far as I’ve seen, they’ve got more than 3 shades! So, yeah a nice variety!

I also like to

Contour my face slightly w a matte taupe color to add some dimension to my face!

This you guys is what i personally  LOVE doing for the winters!

Avec Amour, Ranita ♥

Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear!

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