Bronze Goddess

cropped-8e10dbfa1930b2611b26048e6318ee8d.jpgAlthough it’s not typically summer here in India, the weather in Bangalore sure seems that way! I recommend this look during the month of April or May (summer).

Products in the picture:

Inglot AMC bronzer: This product has a warm undertone & shimmer to it, hence ideal for a beautiful bronze glow (NOT your ideal contour product) .

Swipe this in a 3 motion along your temples, cheekbone and jawline for a bronze glow!

I absolutely love this product! Almost hit pan!

Inglot lipstick (114):

An absolutely gorgeous moist nude almost sheer but not sheer with slight shimmer! I have a wheatish complexion and I think this would suit any skin tone, for a fair complexion it would make a beautiful everyday nude & for darker complexions, a tip if you would like to pull of light nude always line your lips with a brown lip liner!

Inglot eyebrow pencil (515):

Now, this is a cool tone gray eyebrow pencil, remember when you want to shape your brows stick with a gray undertone;

We Indians have black hair, so when filling in your brows I would suggest sticking to a dark cool tone brown or gray, and stray away from black; If you have a light hand you can pull of your brow game with a black pencil, but with a lighter shade, you can go heavy without your brows looking too strong;

A nice subtle brow is the way to go for summer!

Inglot Volume & Waterproof mascara:

Now, this is some serious product over here! Once you’ve got this bad boy on it will not budge!

Hence, making it summer proof!

Inglot Freedom Palette (342,117):

Contouring with the shade number 342 is a beauty! It’s the perf brown with a gray undertone to help you sculpt some then cheekbones!

Shade 117 are matte shades which could be used as beautiful transition shades or a lid color for a neutral look!

PS: You could add a gold undertone highlighter to the highest points of your cheek bones for an extra oomph! But, the bronzer should work fine if you don’t want to try many products on a hot day!

Try and use a brown eyeliner for a subtle look which also, completes your bronzed summer look!

Remember don’t forget to set your makeup with a loose powder and a setting spray! This adds to helping your makeup from slipping and sliding!

Price in India:

  • Inglot Eyeshdow: Individual Shadow –  ₹400

  • Inglot Mascara: ₹950

  • Inglot Eyebrow Pencil: ₹950

  • AMC bronzer: ₹1250

  • Inglot Lipstick (114): ₹1050

Avec amour, Ranita ♥


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